Collaborative Interdisciplinary Course Grants in Liberal Arts Awarded

The Liberal Arts Division is pleased to announce the recipients of its Collaborative Interdisciplinary Course Grant (CICG). The grant, available to Liberal Arts faculty, was established by the Division to provide TU support for a limited number of innovative team-taught courses (within Liberal Arts or with studio). The first call for applications, at the end of last semester, was for courses to be taught Wintersession/Spring 2014; another call in October will be for courses to be taught in 2014-15.


Nicole Merola (LAS) & Lucy Spelman (HPSS/Science)

Exploring the Art & Science of Biodiversity in Guyana (Wintersession 2014)

Through field research and study in Guyana, a biodiverse English-speaking Caribbean nation located along the northeastern coastline of South America, this course offers RISD students the opportunity to approach the topic of biodiversity from multiple perspectives, including the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and visual arts.


Suzanne Scanlan (HAVC) & Pamela Unwin-Barkley (Foundation Studies)

Re-Imagining Cities, Spring 2014

Focusing on Venice, Paris, and Providence, and featuring a cross-disciplinary approach that combines art history, architectural history, and studio-based exploration, this course calls upon students to explore how the city is imagined through myth, memory, nostalgia, preservation, and erasure.


Anita Starosta (LAS) & Noah Fischer (Sculpture)

Out of the Frame: Art and Freedom, Spring 2014

Through comparative study of aesthetics and politics, as well studio-based explorations of the manifesto and collaborative public art, this course focuses on students’ own relation to personal and artistic freedom and the broader contemporary uses of artistic freedom within political, institutional, and ideological contexts.


Jason Grear, (HPSS/Science) & Damian White (HPSS)

The Science and Sociology of Climate Change, Spring 2014

Recognizing that complicated socio-ecological dynamics have produced climate change, this course combines the study of ecological and climatological research with insights from the environmental social sciences. Such interdisciplinary inquiry opens up a unique space at RISD to generate comprehensive literacies and responses to climate change.



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