Master Plan Update, May 2013

Since the March 2013 launch of the Master Plan, consultants Tom Kearns and Jim Newton of DSK Architects & Planners and Chris Ladds of LLB Architects,and Annie Newman, Director, Campus Planning have met with 234 people in 55 meetings (with 5 more meetings to go), to talk about how space can and will affect the future of the various disciplines as well as RISD as a whole. A Master Plan Steering Commitee has been appointed to guide the process.   Steering Committee 

Some of the common themes that have emerged are:
  • Need for improved studio spaces
  • Barriers to sharing space and resources that include space, time, culture, curriculum, money, and teaching units
  • Need for community/social space
  • Housing
  • The identity of RISD – how do you know you are here – signage/wayfinding
  • The tension between identity as a grad student and being with other grads versus your department identity and being with your core facilities
  • Inequities in space allocation
  • Differing opinions about shared making – should it be high tech or low tech tools that are shared
  • Adjacencies
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Annie Newman, Master Plan, shared making

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