Burke as Featured Artist

Jesse Burke (Critic, Photography) was recently highlighted as a Featured Artist in the Autumn Color Digital Imaging newsletter.

He began to develop his first body of work, “Intertidal,” when he returned to his native New England, “and applied the same principles I used in Arizona to family in New England.”

An extended examination of the “incredibly fragile” idea of masculinity, according to Burke’s artist statement about the work, “Intertidal” is, “an autobiographically driven investigation into [the] presence of vulnerability and sensitivity that acts as forces against this mythology of male dominance and strength….I photograph my life and the lives of the men in my social and family circles in an attempt to understand from where our ideas of masculinity originate.”

Burke worked on “Intertidal” for about six years, until it was published as a book in 2009. But Burke continues working on it today, calling it, “a life project.”

Burke went on to explore similar themes in two other projects. “Blind” explores male identity and, “man’s obsession with and innate calling to simultaneously dominate and embrace the natural world.” “Low,” examines, “the fragile lives of homeless men.”


Jesse Burke, News

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