Schimert Work in Andrea Rosen Group Show

“The Temptation of the Diagram,” a group show at the Andrea Rosen Gallery organized by Matthew Ritchie, includes work by Katy Schimert (Assistant Professor, Ceramics). The exhibition explores the diagram as an essential mode of artistic practice.

“This modest exhibition is not a history of the diagram but an organization of compelling examples of a specific kind of diagram, hand-made diagrams that occupy the impossible space between idea and reality. Perhaps they can somewhat counter the residual presumption that thinking runs counter to aesthetic contemplation; that intelligence is not beautiful. Perhaps we can see these diagrams as the artists do, central to their thinking about art-making. Diagrams are, as Leeb puts it “A tool for the making of relationships and for the abandonment of rational procedure.” For the anchorite saint, this desire, “to assume all forms – penetrate each atom – be matter itself” is the final and irresistible temptation, the ultimate dream of the artist. Diagrams are the nervous systems of artists working with their skin off.

“In the presence of diagrams, the profound questions of symbiosis between image and text, scale and distance, proximity and imagined immunity that define our use of any shared informational space are all too painfully evident.

“That is not to suggest the diagram constitutes an easy escape route, or a trap door for the visionary. Although for artists it may be precisely the progress their work makes away from the original index of reality that constitutes its true ‘sensual objecthood,’ diagrams ultimately reference an operable (if imagined) dimensionality. Diagrams, seen and hidden, constitute the pivotal means for commutation between the multitudinous spaces of prediction, memory, fantasy, language, metaphor and instruction.

“If all this seems romantic, it is. The diagram is a trace of our collective efforts to articulate and negotiate an almost impossible circumstance: reality itself.” – Matthew Ritchie, catalog excerpt

Andrea Rosen Gallery
544 West 24th St.
New York, NY
March 30 – April 27, 2013

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