Bentley Work Featured at Festival Ballet


The Orchid form is central to the world-premiere ballet Orchis. Every element of the production, from the lighting to the choreography, has been inspired by photographs of these graceful flowers by A. Cemal Ekin. World-renowned artist and RISD alumna (class of 1973) Toots Zynsky has designed the costumes for Orchis, in collaboration with current RISD professor Beth Bentley (Assistant Professor, Apparel Design)¬†who is constructing Zynsky’s designs. Zynsky and Bentley have been working together for months creating unique fabrics intended to imitate and capture the texture of the orchids. Creating ballet costumes presents unique challenges as well as many new opportunities for the designers.


Video: Toots Zynsky and Beth Bentley on costumes for Orchis

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