Reiko Nireki visiting faculty from Japan

Reiko Mikami Nireki is visiting from Japan during the Spring 2013 semester as  part of RISD’s J1 visa Exchange Visitor’s Program. Reiko is serving as a Critic in the  Printmaking Department where she is teaching a course on Japanese papermaking. Reiko has exhibited her work around the globe–Germany, England, Finland, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. She received her BA from the Wimbledon School of Arts in London and her MA from the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin.  She has worked with RISD students before in the context of Daniel Heyman and Elena Varshavskaya’s WS in Japan course “JAPAN:PAPER,TEMPLES,PRINTS”.  Please join Printmaking in welcoming Reiko to campus.




Division of Fine Arts, Exchange Visitor's Program, Faculty, Reiko Nireki

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