A Comical, Cosmic, Multi-Media Performance-Art Spectacle

The  Annual RISD “Creature Show” is back!

Since 1987, the Creature-Creation Wintersession Class has united RISD Creature-Creation Students with collegiate and local arts communities.  Guest musicians and participants from the BIG NAZO LAB participate in a comical, cosmic, multi-media performance-art spectacle featuring the debut of over a dozen extraordinary foam-rubber creations.

This year’s spectacle will be presented March 2nd & 3rd, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM at the RISD Auditorium, One Market Square, Providence, RI.  Admission is $1.

The evening will be hosted by Intergalactic Creature-Expert, Dr Tremendanus.

For more information and a peek at the creatures, visit:


FAV Creature Creation

Big Nazo, Creature Creation, FAV, multimedia, performance art

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