Torino Wintersession: “Imagination is More Important than Knowledge”

On January 11th, a group of Wintersession students led by Kathleen Grevers (Critic, Apparel Design) and Khipra Nichols (Associate Professor, Industrial Design) made local news as they visited the BasicNet Group’s research and design centers. BasicNet’s President, Marco Boglione, reminded the students that, as taught by Albert Einstein, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

For this Wintersession travel course, the Apparel Design and Industrial Design faculty partnered to explore professional processes within the world of footwear design. Footwear is a universal means of self-expression and is a perfect instrument for interdisciplinary work since it spans the full range of form and function – from highly specialized to high fashion. Students are practicing a hybrid of techniques while participating in exercises to expand and sharpen their individual skill sets. Finally, students will create and fabricate models of their shoe designs using physical form or computer rendering.


BasicNet video


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