RISD Masters – RISD Alumni at Cade Tompkins Projects

Cade Tompkins Projects is pleased to exhibit an extraordinary body of work created by RISD Faculty and Alumni whose symbiotic relationships have informed their respective careers. The artist pairs include:

Nancy Friese and Sophiya Khwaja
Daniel Heyman and Stella Ebner
Julia Jacquette and Tedd Nash Pomaski
Dean Snyder and James Foster
John Udvardy and Huckleberry Starnes

Double Legacy
January 19 – February 23, 2013
Cade Tompkins Projects

Reception for the artists
Saturday, January 19, 6-8 pm

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Cade Tompkins Projects, Daniel Heyman, Dean Snyder, Huckleberry Starnes, James Foster, John Udvardy, Julia Jacquette, Nancy Friese, Sophiya Khwaja, Stella Ebner, Tedd Nash Pomaski

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