Rihouet article in the Journal of Design History

Pascale Rihouet’s (Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture) article “”Veronese’s Goblets: Glass Design and the Civilizing Process”  has been published by the “Journal of Design History”. Research for the article and Rihouet’s ongoing book project on the subject received the support of the RISD Professional Development Fund.

The article’s abstract:

Taking its cue from Veronese’s lavish Wedding at Cana (1563), this article explores the meanings of fine and ordinary glassware, focusing on the performative value of Renaissance goblets. Drinking vessels are analysed here as tools for the gradual transformation of human behaviour, or the ‘Civilizing Process’ that sociologist Norbert Elias expounded. In the mid-sixteenth century, new designs for fine glasses supported and shaped the proper conduct expected of guests and servants in banquets. Iconographic sources such as the exquisite wine cups depicted by Veronese, didactic literature and the objects themselves document the kind of challenges and expectations that handling glass in public induced. By the end of the sixteenth century, the affordability of simple but elegant goblets allowed common people to adopt the drinking manners of the elite, thus furthering the association between glassware and the concept of civility.

Division of Liberal Arts, Faculty, Pascale Rihouet, publications

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