Doyle Presents on “A Selected History of Western Illustration”

On November 29, 2012, Susan Doyle (Assistant Professor / Chief Critic, European Honors Program / Illustration)  made a spot-survey of the history of western illustration from illuminated books/ early printed books through approximately 2000 AD, at the Hogan Lovells Studio Legale in Rome.

The work shown was selected from the vast cache of artistic production for its power to convey ideas and ideals, report and editorialize events, or serve as an enhancement to literature. She presented an argument that evolving technologies in printing and other forms of communication (photography, light theory, color separations etc.) have influenced artistic processes, shaped aesthetics and effected the distribution of illustration. In other words, the talk traced Illustration’s role in reciprocally reflecting and influencing culture, and its variable relationship to fine art, graphic design and printmaking is as central to the presentation as commentary on the actual artists or images shown.


Division of Fine Arts, European Honors Program, Illustration, News, Susan Doyle

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