Academic Commons Projects for Spring 2013

The following projects have been awarded funding from the Davis Foundation sponsored Academic Commons Project for the Spring 2013 semester.

RISD Written All Over It: An ABC of RISD Writing Now, Then, and Next
A study framing RISD’s “distinguished, maybe even unique, writing heritage” and identifying RISD-specific practices that might inform the massive flux in page/screen, print/web, image/text relationships. Read more…
Mairéad Byrne
ACP Faculty Fellowship

Thinking Bodies, Making Minds: Educating with Movement in Art and Design
Research and workshops exploring how movement might more consciously “trigger the nervous system to enhance critical thinking and making.” Read more…
Leslie Hirst and Pascale Rihouet
ACP Faculty Fellowship and Grant

In the Words of the DP: A Study of the Undergraduate Written Thesis
A study of RISD’s undergraduate written thesis, illuminating and sharing our values around situating and documenting the thesis body of work, its development, and its context.Read more…
Emily Cornell du Houx
ACP Grant

Made at RISD: An Exhibition of Student-Created Materials
An exhibition of materials made by RISD undergraduate students at RISD’s new Material Resource Center (MRC), highlighting “the wealth of material innovation happening in RISD students’ studios.” Read more…
Diana Wagner
ACP Grant

Sites for Integrative Arts Education: A Study of the Undergraduate Critique
A study of RISD’s undergraduate critique culture, highlighting how critique “enhances integrative models of arts education by helping students engage with contradiction . . . and allow context and complex social interactions to exist in relation to our work.” Read more…
Sara Raffo
ACP Grant

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