Knitting Nation at MoMA

Liz Collins Studio is proud to announce an exciting reiteration of the KNITTING NATION project. KNITTING NATION Phase 10: Domestic Swarming will be staged at MoMA Studio: Common Senses, as a response to Fritz Haeg’s Domestic Integrities rug.

Artist Liz Collins (Associate Professor, Textiles) and five other knitters create narrow cords in a spectrum of colors that feed directly from knitting machines into piles of cording, which are then be braided directly into the rug. No cutting, no knots, just six contiguous cords of color feeding the piece for five hours straight. Visitors are welcome to observe this swarming and learn about the process, while also contributing to crocheting the circular Domestic Integrities rug using discarded textiles that will be on hand. The closing event for MoMA Studio, Phase 10 of Knitting Nation is an invitation to our many communities to find comfort, conversation and nourishment through creative interactions and potluck offerings of homemade items from jams and pickles to bread and tea.

Division of Fine Arts, Liz Collins, MOMA PS1, textiles

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