David Frazer: "Improvisation – Call and Response" at CCRI Knight Campus Gallery

The Knight Campus Art Gallery presents “David Frazer: Improvisation – Call and Response.”

Frazer (Professor, Painting) said the title of this exhibition, “Call and Response,” is a tradition of improvised exchange in music as well as an act of communication within species. “As a painter I begin with improvisation and proceed by ‘call and response,’ one condition suggesting another,” he writes. “I improvise using the methods of abstract expressionism to generate chaos while ironically trying to control it. My desire as a painter is not to tell a story that has a conclusion but to reflect what is seen in my mind’s eye.

“Hubris allows us to think we can coexist with nature while trying to control it. Self-serving mythologies give us ‘dominion over the earth,’ and this belief allows us to exploit our natural resources at others’ expense and, ultimately, our own. Contradictions abound, making our lives chaotic and our environment dangerous. Paradoxically I want my work to embody all the contradictions, danger and chaos I see around us while simultaneously trying to embrace them.”

CCRI Knight Campus Gallery, David Frazer, exhibit, Painting

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