BRAIN STORM residency at Brown's Granoff Center

The Everett Dance Company will be at Brown for a five-day residency at Brown University’s Granoff Center, October 16-20.   The residency culminates in three performances of their critically acclaimed production BRAIN STORM which takes audiences on a journey into the universe’s most complex structure: the human brain, in all its mystery and beauty. The seeds for BRAIN STORM were sown in a Spring 2011 course taught at RISD FAV by Laura Colella (Senior Critic, FAV) and Aaron Jungels (Critic, FAV) in collaboration with Brown’s Dept. of Neuroscience.

Using current neuroscience research and personal narrative as fuel, BRAIN STORM tells the tale of the brain and how it makes us human. BRAIN STORM seamlessly blends the athletic choreography of Jungels, storytelling, information, humor, and video projection by Colella to create a moving and thought-provoking multimedia experience.

The full residency schedule is:

Tuesday, October 16 @ 7pm – Panel Discussion: Science and Art at the Same Table

Participants : Michael Paradiso, director of Brown’s Center for Vision Research and professor of neuroscience; Lucy Spelman (Lecturer, HPSS) a biologist, veterinarian, and author; Aaron and Dorothy Jungels, artistic directors of Everett, who will share their experiences collaborating with scientists in their work; and Sarah Pease a RISD student who co-founded the STEAM Club at RISD, whose goal is to add Art to the national Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative.

Wednesday, October 17 @ 7pm – Brain Café on Locked-In Syndrome

This Brain Café, a community-based event Everett organizes, is a dialog at the intersections of Neuroscience, Medicine and the Arts. This one will feature the story of Margaret Worthen, who suffered a brain stem stroke when she was 22. Our science presenter will be John Simeral, a researcher with BrainGate, a laboratory at Brown that is developing human/computer interface technology that will someday allow people like Margaret to communicate and control robotic devices.

Thursday, October 18 @ 11am – WORKSHOP: On-your-feet Conversations about the Brain

Through movement and theater improvisation participants will experience the ‘fast’ brain processes, which are a source of our intuition, emotions and decisions. Everett members will share some of the exercises that they developed to learn about the brain as they created BRAIN STORM.

Thursday, October 18 @ 8pm Open dress rehearsal for BRAIN STORM

Friday, October 19th @ 8pm – BRAIN STORM performance

Saturday, October 20 @ 1pm Hip-hop Workshop

Two of Everett company members will introduce choreography integrating a variety of hip-hop dance styles, such as Breakdancing, Krumping, Popping and Locking.

Saturday, October 20 @ 8pm BRAIN STORM performance

All events and performances are free and open to the public and take place in Studio 1 of the Granoff Center. Call 831-9479 for more information or to reserve a place at any event.

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