Placing Archaeological Exploration in Jerusalem in Socio-Political Context

During the months of July and August, Katharina Galor (Lecturer, HAVC) conducted research in Jerusalem as a basis for a new book project dealing with archaeological exploration in the city and placing its discoveries and interpretations into the recent socio-political context. She met with a number of Israeli, Palestinian and international researchers and professionals involved in matters related to the city’s cultural heritage, including the directors of several foreign archaeological schools (Albright Institute, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology, Kenyon Institute, etc.), department heads of major universities (Hebrew University and Al Quds University), Museum educators (Israel Museum, Al Aqsa Museum, Bible Lands Museum, etc.) as well as several representatives working for Israeli and Palestinian governmental institutions.

The results of those meetings, interviews and related research form the basis of four chapters of her new book “Archaeopolitics in Jerusalem.”  The trip was supported by the RISD Professional Development Fund.

Galor’s forthcoming book “The Archaeology of Jerusalem:  From the Beginnings through the Ottoman Period” is being published by Yale University Press.

Temple Mount Sifting Project

Katharina Galor, Professional Development Fund

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