Echoes of a 'Place of the Elms' in RISD’s Witness Tree Project

Eighteen months ago, a nearly 200-year old elm succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease in Brookline, Mass. This particular tree was especially beloved as a fixture on the property of famed landscape architect  Frederick Law Olmsted, who used American elms in many of his designs. Dale Broholm (Critic, Furniture) and his RISD class has turned the historic tree into works of art, to be displayed this week in an exhibit titled “Echoes of Olmsted”.

Through the efforts of Broholm and RISD’s Witness Tree Project, the class visited the site. Chunks of the elm were brought back to campus and transformed into works of art that capture Olmsted’s occupations, items of leisure and the conflicts of public space use.

The exhibit will be open in the barn at the Olmsted site from August 31 – September 30, 2012

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The Boston Globe

Dale Broholm, Division of Architecture + Design, furniture

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