"The Political is Collective – Factions" exhibit opening in Sweden

Daniel Peltz (Associate Professor, FAV) has contributed to a new exhibition at the Art Hall Passagen in Linkoping, Sweden, August 25 – October 6, 2012.

The Museum of Forgetting

A sense of a political crisis is imminent. This arrests us as well as forces us to take some investigative action. We carry a simultaneous longing for a radicalization after three distinct neoliberal individualistic decades, a sense of political exhaustion in the face of apocalyptic threats that pile up and a question about how we find each other.

This exhibition asks questions about the political as such. What is it? How does it start? We are interested in sparks, political, revolutionary, reactionary and radical, as well as compromises and collaborations and visions to accommodate them.

Does art have a political role to play? Can it suggest alternative perspectives, provoke thought, and reformulate the world a nudge? Does art have to leave the gallery or the museum to become relevant political action? Or, can seeing and thinking also be a political act in itself?

political is collective - factions
From No Global Tour - Santiago Sierra

Daniel Peltz, FAV

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