Liz Collins in Fuel for the Fire

FUEL FOR THE FIRE, a group exhibition presented by A TEMPORARY SPACE and HUMAN RESOURCES LA will feature work by Liz Collins (Associate Professor, Textiles) and George Ferrandi (Critic, Sculpture) July 5th through July 31, 2012. The exhibition is organized by Dawn Kasper in collaboration with Jay Sanders and David Zwirner. The closing party July 26th 7pm-2am.

From Dawn Kasper

“…In the 1980s, physicist Alan Guth offered an enhanced version of the big-bang theory, called inflationary cosmology… The centerpiece of the proposal is a hypothetical cosmic fuel that, if concentrated in a tiny region, would drive a brief but stupendous outward rush of space, a bang, and a big one at that… mathematical analysis also revealed (and here’s where the multiverse enters) that as space expands the cosmic fuel replenishes itself, and so efficiently that it is virtually impossible to use it all up. Which means that the big bang would likely not be a unique event. Instead, the fuel would not only power the bang giving rise to our expanding realm, but it would power countless other bangs, too, each yielding its own separate, expanding universe…This exhibition is the result  of the collisions that may occur in our ever-expanding universe. The people involved are the fuel.”

Poetry readings by Melissa Buzzeo, Paul Legault and performances by Mirror Mirror, Making Friends, New Villager, David Smith / Doom Trumpet, Rachel Mason & The Little Band of Sailors, Karen Adelman, Paul Waddell, Mark Golamco, will take place during the exhibition.

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