West and White honored with Frazier award

Anne West (Senior Lecturer, Graduate Studies) and Damian White (Associate Professor, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences) were honored at the 2012 Commencement exercises with the Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

From the Frazier Award Committee:

Damian White, as a sociologist who has taught here since 2008, you are highly respected for tailoring your teaching style to meet the needs of RISD students and for “doing much to build bridges and develop collaborative thinking” between various departments at RISD. You have contributed enormous energy and intellect to both teaching and academic leadership. In the classroom, you are known for your cool “British accent” and for rich, exciting courses that illuminate sociological theory while sparking intense and fascinating debates. Students describe your classes as “fun,” challenging, inspiring and surprisingly full of laughter, with one student noting that he didn’t fall asleep in class the entire semester.

Anne West, since 1996 you have brought your extraordinary communications skills and your wonderful talent for teaching and listening to bear on guiding graduate students through the process of writing their master’s theses. As an adjunct faculty member in the Division of Graduate Studies, you are known for offering courses and workshops that are both meticulously planned and organically shaped to allow for a deep and satisfying exploration of ideas. Students refer to your offerings as “incredible” and “thought-provoking,” with one calling your course “the best class possible – ever.” Your approach to teaching is eloquently revealed in your new book Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work and serves as a model for interdisciplinary learning at RISD.

Foundation Studies faculty member Alba Corrado 60 PT hand-lettered the ornate citations presented to faculty honorees (along with the names on each degree given to students) at last Saturday’s Commencement ceremony.

Anne West, Damian White, Frazier Award

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