Summer 2012 Library Project: Material Resource Center

This summer the Slide Library on the the second floor of 15 Westminster will be closed as the area will be under construction to accommodate the Material Resource Center, a project partly funded with a Champlin Foundations grant. The construction  is focused on one main event, the removal of the wall on the second floor north corridor of 15 Westminster. This will allow the materials collection which is now partly in the corridor and partly in the former slide collection space to be integrated into one large area with excellent light. Time frame is expected to be June and July.

In preparation for this project, the slide collection is being examined for images that need to be scanned, and some of the collection will be moved to storage. There will be a number of 5-drawer slide cabinets for sale. See staff in the Visual Resources Center if you are interested.

The Picture Collection will be open to classes by appointment during this project.

Champlin Foundation, Material Resource Center, Slide Library

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