Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies experimental pilot program

Dear Faculty and Students,

I am pleased to announce that an experimental pilot program in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies (NCSS) at RISD will be launched this Fall 2012.

The aim of this pilot program will be to offer students an opportunity to undertake a focused set of courses constituting 21 credits that will allow rigorous inter-disciplinary and inter-divisional coursework in sustainability studies and nature-culture studies at RISD in concert with their major studies. I am also pleased to announce that Damian White, Professor in HPSS will be serving as coordinator and advisor to the pilot program for next year.

The NCSS pilot program is a product of recommendations made after two years of work by the Nature-Culture-Sustainability Task Force that was established in 2010 (committee members: Nicole Merola, Anne Tate, Ellen Driscoll, Peter Dean, Carol Lasch and Damian White).  I would like to thank committee members for their energy and commitment in moving this project forward.

The pilot program will run over the academic years of 2012/13 and 2013/14 and will be overseen by Academic Affairs and the existing Task Force in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies (renamed the Nature-Culture-Sustainability Advisory Committee). Current freshman and sophomores are eligible for consideration.

Students interested in being considered for the first cohort of Nature- Culture-Sustainability pilot students will need to fill out an application and send this to the Nature-Culture-Sustainability Pilot Committee for consideration no later than Thursday 10th May, 4pm. For application forms and inquires please contact: Damian White, Associate Professor of Sociology in HPSS at

Rosanne Somerson
Interim Provost

Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies

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