Media Group contacts for website changes, news, and more

To contact the Media Group for any content changes or other website requests, please email Anyone can send a request. You will then receive status updates as your request is addressed.

If you’d like to share ideas for news stories, you may contact our Editorial Director, Liisa Silander, directly at, or 454-6349. Liisa assigns and edits (and often writes) the stories that appear on the website, as well as XYZ Magazine and the Our blog. Jaime Marland,, 454-6954, handles outreach to the media.

Stay connected this summer! Please follow the Our blog at, as well as the institutional Facebook and Twitter feeds. These channels are a constant source of information and represent a variety of perspectives regarding what’s happening around RISD.

Jamie Marland, Liisa Silander, xyz, Zen Desk

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