Academic Calendar 2012-13

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As many of you are already aware, the Faculty voted last week on two adjustments to our academic calendar for next year as proposed by the Instruction Committee: First, to move to a five-week Wintersession schedule (while maintaining the same number of class sessions and class hours as in the traditional six-week schedule), and, second, to endorse certain other minor calendar adjustments needed to accommodate federal financial aid requirements. Both sets of adjustments are for next year while we begin a collaborative review of our calendar for future years.

This Tuesday evening, the Instruction Committee discussed and endorsed a “friendly amendment” to the second set of calendar adjustments: to move the first day of Spring Semester 2013 from Wednesday, February 13, to Thursday, February 14. This further adjustment is intended to eliminate the “extra” Wednesday that otherwise would have been in the Spring Semester schedule and also allow more time for the switchover of classrooms and studios from Wintersession to Spring Semester. I agree with this rationale and therefore have agreed to the amendment. (The amendment was actually first raised at the Faculty open forum on April 24, but, because of the respective timing of meetings, was not able to be added to the Instruction Committee’s proposal.) For your reference, a visual representation of the final academic calendar for next year is attached.

I greatly appreciate the hard work and constructive engagement that enabled us to reach this temporary solution. I hope that our continued work together in this same spirit will lead us to a long-term solution.



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