Spring 2012 on-line evaluations

This Spring we will continue to make on-line course evaluations available to faculty on a voluntary basis.  On-line responses are stored as securely as the paper forms and access is governed by the rules for paper evaluations: the results are available within two weeks of submitting your grades.

On-line evaluation of courses has many benefits to all.

  • If done outside of class time,  on-line evaluations  save vital class time at the end of the semester
  • Saves paper and reduces the storage space required to archive 7 years of course evaluations
  • Reduces the prodigious workload required to process forms
  • Allows remote access to review evaluations for department heads, deans, and the CFA
  • Provides faculty an easily accessible archive of evaluations

Digital evaluation forms –identical in content to our paper forms – will be made available to the students of participating faculty in the final 2 weeks of the semester (the same time frame allowed for manual distribution of paper forms): May 7-18.

Your students will get instructions and reminders but we ask that participating faculty remind their students to follow through with doing their evaluations.  The fact that you value the opinion of your students is the most persuasive argument for their participation in the process. If your course is taught in a computer lab or will permit your students to use laptops or cell phones, you may also ask them to complete their evaluation during class just as they would have completed the paper forms. Many faculty have found this a good strategy to keep the digital process as parallel to the paper process as possible.

DEADLINE: If you are interested in having your course evaluated online, please contact Nicole DaCruz ndacruz@risd.edu by Friday, April 27, 4:30pm.

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