A reminder about Registration Advising and important dates

From the Coordinator of Academic Advising

As we ramp up to registration for fall Semester, please contact all your advisees, whose names you can find on your WebAdvisor page.

Set up appointments to:

  • Review their Program Evaluation with each advisee,
  • Review their registration plans,
  • Ensure that they are on track for fulfilling all their course requirements for graduation
  • Help them fix any problems that are arising
  • Review any other plans such as Internships, a semester abroad, summer plans, especially for taking courses, etc.
  • Please contact Liberal Arts for any L.A. issues.  Gail: 454-6572

It is relatively calm right now so it’s a good time to get ahead of this to reduce frenzy as we move into our final weeks.

The Registrar’s Website is http://risdregistrar.files.wordpress.com. Please consult it for the information and forms you may need.

Contact Christina Bertoni, Coordinator, Academic Advising,  for any assistance: cbertoni@risd.edu, or 401-454-6737

She can join you for advising sessions if you wish or help you set up a good plan.


April 6   Friday                   Mid Semester

April 10 Tuesday      Mid-semester warning reports due

April 30-May 7         M-M  Registration Advising for Fall ‘12

May 8   Tuesday      Course Selection on WebAdvisor for Grads and rising Seniors

May 12           Tuesday      Course selection on Web Advisor for rising Juniors and Sophomores

May 18  Friday                  Last day of Spring degree program classes

May 21  Mon.                   Liberal Arts exams

May 29         Tues.           Graduating students’ grades due in Registrar’s office

June 2  Sat.              Commencement

June 4 Mon.           Non-graduating student grades due in Registrar’s office.

Advising, Coordinator of Academic Advising

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