Professional Development Fund Spring 2012 grant recipients

The Professional Development Fund Committee is proud to announce the following receipients of grants for the Spring 2012 cycle of funding:

Hansy Better, Associate Professor, Architecture received funding for a panel discussion and exhibit on social justice and architecture and discussion of the book she edited “Where are the Utopian Visionaries?”

Lee Boroson, Senior Critic, Sculpture, received funding for production of work to be exhibited at MassMOCA.

Katherina Galor, Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture, received funding for fieldwork and research for her book “Archaeopolitics in Jerusalem” on the socio-political context for archaeology in Jerusalem.

Daniel Heyman, Critic, Printmaking, received funding for his production of large printed plaster reliefs for exhibition at Cade Tompkins Projects.

Emma Hogarth, Critic, Foundation Studies, received funding for the production of digital prints on aluminum for exhibition at the Chazen Gallery.

Clara Lieu, Critic, Foundation Studies, received funding for production of  sculptural pieces based on her “Falling” series of portraits which document the physical manifestations of depression.

Ijlal Muzaffar, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture, received funding for his archival research in London on the architectural history of 3rd world politics for a book project.

Stefanie Pender, Critic, Glass received funding for her research in French archives on 12th recipes for glass used in Gothic sacred architecture and other historic, non-mechanical glass processes.

Lorelei Pepi, Critic, Film.Animation.Video, received funding for finishing costs for her animated film “Happy and Gay”.

Pascale Rihouet, Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture, received funding for her archival research in Italy on the material trappings of Renaissance processionals for her book “The Ritual Lives of Moving Images.”

Yuriko Saito, Professor, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, received funding for release time to work on her manuscript for “Everyday Aesthetics and World-Making” under contract by Oxford University Press.

Nancy Skolos, Professor, Graphic Design and  Tom Wedell, Senior Critic, Graphic Design, received funding to attend the opening of a retrospective of their work at an important Polish design biennale.

John Terry, Professor, Film.Animation.Video received funding for his film about Venice, the next work in his series on public space.

Peter Yeadon, Associate Professor, Interior Architecture, received funding to develop biological tools to detect arsenic in drinking water.

The 2011/12 Professional Development Fund Committee is chaired by Rosanne Somerson, Interim Provost. Its members are Silvia Acosta (Professor, Architecture), Edward Dwyer (Professor, HPSS), Tom Mills (Professor, Foundation Studies), Ellen Petraits (Librarian), and Jocelyn Prince (Term Appointment, Glass).

Clara Lieu, Daniel Heyman, Hansy Better, Ijlal Muzaffar, john terry, Katharina Galor, Lee Boroson, MassMOCA, Nancy Skolos, Pascale Rihouet, Peter Yeadon, Professional Development Fund, Stefanie Pender, Tom Wedell, Yuriko Saito

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