Professional Development Fund Spring call for proposals

The Professional Development Fund Committee invites all eligible faculty and librarians (see criteria below) to submit proposals for the Spring round of funding. DEADLINE FOR COMPLETED SUBMISSIONS:  Wednesday, April 4, 11:59PM

The Fund was established to foster excellence in the fields of art and design and the advancement of knowledge in related fields.  Since 1984 the Fund has provided more than $1,500,000 in support to RISD’s faculty, curators, and professional librarians. The Fund provides financial support for the extraordinary costs of studio work, research projects that could not be done otherwise, the development of publications, and other work in progress undertaken by full and part-time faculty, museum curators, and professional librarians. This non-taxable support is granted in the form of direct payment of project related expenses or release time for full-time faculty.

Eligibility and frequency of award

  • Full-time degree program faculty, museum curators, professional librarians
  • Part-time degree program faculty who have completed two years of service
  • Recipients must wait two years before applying for a new grant.

Pre-application registration
Contact Margaret Lewis no later than March 28. A google site will be set up for your application and supporting materials. You will have access to the site until the deadline passes. After the deadline, only the members of the Professional Development Fund Grant Committee will have access to your site.

Budget development/editorial and technical assistance

Applicants are encouraged to submit draft applications no later than 3 working days before the deadline so that they may receive requests for clarification of the budget or project description and/or recommendations for revisions that will strengthen their proposal. You may also ask for help in uploading your files to your google site.

Required parts of the application

·         Project description (no more than 750 words)
·         One paragraph on how your project will contribute to your development.
·         A detailed budget
·         A current curriculum vitae
·         Work sample
o    Visual work: no more than 10 images Jpeg files 1024×768 pixels
o    Written work: 10 pages
o    Time-based work: via Youtube, Vimeo or other web-based link

Proposals may be accompanied by a statement of support by someone in a position to evaluate the proposal, such as department head, dean, director of the applicant’s area, or experts in the applicant’s field.

Selection process
The criteria established by the Committee for evaluating merits of the project proposals include:

  • clarity of the proposal as expressed in the written statement and supporting materials
  • coherent and detailed  budget
  • feasibility
  • how well you describe either a specific outcome to be achieved by the project or how this component of the  project will concretely contribute to the achievement of a long-term project.
  • evidence of commitment to your discipline or field of research and how the project will contribute to your creative, intellectual or artistic development

The Fund does not support:
The Committee does not fund artists/designer fees or salary payable to grant recipients; meals; release time for adjunct faculty, curators or librarians; or support of the ongoing, essential costs of establishing or maintaining a professional practice (e.g. rent, utilities, permanent staff), or capital expenses. The Committee will consider discrete components of larger projects if the applicant can provide evidence of funding secured from other sources for other parts of the project.

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