“Alfred Screyer from Drohobycz” a documentary directed and co-written by Marcin Gizycki (Senior Lecturer, History of Visual Art and Culture) will be shown at the Metcalf Auditorium in the Chace Center on Wednesday, April 4 at 7pm. Tom Roberts  (Senior Lecturer, HPSS) will introduce the film.

This lyrical film is the story of the extraordinary life of Alfred Schreyer, the last Jew of Drohobycz, Ukraine, a 90+ years old Holocaust survivor. In his lifetime, Drohobycz has been part of Poland, a German occupied territory, the Soviet Union, and the Ukraine. He is also a wonderful musician, a singer, and superb interpreter of Polish pre-war popular songs that sound like Jewish tango. Mr. Schreyer guides us around Drohobycz, a town where Bruno Schulz, the famous writer and artist (and Mr. Schreyer’s high school teacher), also lived. The film is a requiem for Drohobycz, the town as it used to be before the German occupation and Communist rule changed it irretrievably. Our protagonist takes us to the backstreets and graveyards – sites where you can discern the traces of the spirit of the former multicultural town.

Alfred Screyer from Drohobycz, Division of Liberal Arts, Marcin Gizycki, screening

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