Community Action Center screening

Liz Collins (Asst. Professor, Textiles)  in conjunction with the Queer Student Association and the Office of Multicultural Affairs has organized a screening of “Community Action Center” to be held in the Tap Room on Wednesday, March 14th at 7PM. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the artists A.K. Burns (RISD alumna GD) and A.L. Steiner.

Please encourage LGBTQ students and/or students interested in performance, queerness, gender studies,  to come see this film. It’s groundbreaking, fun, and a great escape, and portrays a wonderful sub-community of the queer art world in NYC, which includes some of our alumni and some artists currently in the Whitney Biennial. Although it’s not a documentary, it’s a real who’s who of this subculture of friends and collaborators, and also includes a bath tub cameo of celebrated dyke poet/writer Eileen Myles!

“Community Action Center” (2010): a 69-minute sociosexual video by A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner which incorporates the erotics of a community where the personal is not only political, but sexual. This project was heavily inspired by porn-romance-liberation films, such as works by Fred Halsted, Jack Smith, James Bidgood, Joe Gage and Wakefield Poole, which served as distinct portraits of the urban inhabitants, landscapes and the body politic of a particular time and place. Community Action Center is a unique contemporary womyn-centric composition that serves as both an ode and a hole-filler.

A.K. Burns, Community Action Center, Division of Fine Arts, Liz Collins, Office of Multicultural Affairs, RISD Queer Student Association, screening

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