Steve Bailey now Assistant Registrar for Student Progress and Room Scheduling

Steve Bailey has moved back to the Registrar’s Office in the new capacity of Assistant Registrar for Student Progress and Room Scheduling. Steve will provide outreach and support to students in navigating leaves, academic records, petitions, degree audits, financial holds, with special attention to students in transition and will provide assistance to faculty and departments in these areas as well. He will support the work of the Academic Standing Committee and will provide follow-up to students with supporting college offices.

Steve will also manage scheduling requests  for assignment of rooms for classes, exams, critiques and special events. He will be training with Mike Pesta so the work in this area can transition from Mike to Steve. You may be getting calls or emails from Steve about rooms or in response to requests made to reserveclassroom at In the near term, Mike will serve as Steve’s backup once Steve is up to speed.

Steve Bailey’s phone is 454-6152.

Steve Bailey

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