Mary Jones leads Swarovski WS studio

“We add sparkle to people’s everyday lives” is the mission statement of Swarovski, and in the partnered Wintersession studio course led by Mary Jones (Critic, Painting), students from diverse majors expanded that concept with their own interpretations. The full range of Swarovski products was made available to the students, including crystals, jewels, figurines, and appliqué.  Visiting artist lectures and workshops with Rashaad Newsome, Heather Rowe, and Alyson Shotz began the challenge, which ended  in a final critique of the artwork.   The pieces will be exhibited in March at the Swarovski headquarters in Cranston.

Alyson Shotz, Division of Fine Arts, Heather Rowe, Mary Jones, partnered research, Rashaad Newsome, Swarovski

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