Mary Bergstein Lecture at the Freud Museum

Mary Bergstein gave a lecture titled Freud and Photography: The Erotic Saturn Films at the Freud Museum, London, on 13 February.
Bergstein was introduced by Zsuzsanna Ardò of the Hampstead Authors Society, London.

From the Freud Museum website:

The talk will explore Freud’s visual imagination in terms of the photography he (and his patients) pondered. It is important that Freud believed repressed memories were unconscious, and that the most potent memories and desires would emerge in psychoanalysis from deep inside, via dreams. In the period from Freud’s childhood to his old-age ruminations, several kinds of photographs were prominent: portraits, psychiatric illustrations, archaeological photography, and ethnographic documentation. These images along with the erotic photography and films of the era, that Mary Bernstein will introduce, paralleled the phenomena of Freudian memories and dreams.

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