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The Office of Risk Management has announced that effective Friday, February 10, 2012 RISD will work with to implement a “whistleblower” tool. A FAQ and other information about RISD’s Whistleblower Policy and Process are posted to the Intranet page for the Office of Risk Management, the page and Human Resources’ website  Click here  learn more about the EthicsPoint tool itself.

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Whistleblower Tool

RISD is committed to operating lawfully, ethically, and professionally in everything it does and accordingly expects its faculty and staff to perform their duties in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, college policies and procedures, and high ethical standards.  When we fail to meet these standards, we want to address and correct it.

Ordinarily, the best and most effective means of addressing such failures is through normal lines of communication.  We recognize, however, that people with knowledge of illegal or unethical conduct may sometimes be reluctant to come forward.  Accordingly, like many other colleges and universities, RISD has contracted with “EthicsPoint” to provide a simple way to make such reports anonymously and confidentially.

Click here to link to the page on policies.

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