BLING!: Jim Kemper Fine Art: Group Exhibition

Push the economy to its limits and still people lust after the “glitz and glam” of material ownership. In this group exhibition at Jim Kemper Fine Art, featured artworks comment on this obsessive quality humans possess. Artist include: Robert Attanasio, Donald Baechler, Christopher Beane, Jessica Bowman, Carole Feuerman, Rinaldo Frattolillo, John Grande, Jane Hammond, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Sally Heller, Damien Hirst, Kim Keever, Marilyn Minter, Jerry Mischak, Bill Owens, RAT, Jonathan Santlofer, Jeffrey Sims, Tom Slaughter, Jamie Sneider, Christopher Tanner, Michalene Thomas, Andy Warhol, Kehindde Wiley, and Liao Yibai.

View the show starting February 9th through March 17th, with the opening reception on the evening of February 9th, from 6-8pm.

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