The Art of Roger Williams

Roger Williams, original Occupier, founding father of Rhode Island, and arguably the originating genius of many of our civil liberties (long before James Madison was a twinkle in his father’s eye)  is celebrated in a show currently held over through January 20th at the John Hay Library, “The Art of Roger Williams.” The Art of Roger Williams features  three hundred years of Williamsonia from the John Hay’s Special Collections, the John Carter Brown Library, the Providence City Archives, and the personal collections of Al Klyberg and Russell DeSimone.  Artifacts from Williams’ time are rare due to the destruction of Providence during King Phillip’s War but among the objects on display are a Bible translated into the Natick dialect of the region’s Algonquin tribes to aid in the propagation of the scriptures. This particular Bible is likewise believed to have belonged to Roger Williams, and is inscribed with shorthand attributed to him.

M–Th 9a-6p & Fri 9a–5p
20 Prospect Street

Exhibition, Hay Library, Roger Williams

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