Mary Anne Friel and "Blur: Art /Design Cross Pollination"

Mary Anne Friel (Associate Professor, Textiles) co-curated, with Mark Campbell “Blur: Art /Design Cross Pollination” an exhibition which took place at the University of the Arts in August 2011. The exhibition focused on contemporary artists and designers whose professional practice obscures the distinctions between art and design. Designers who maintain a parallel “studio art” practice and artists who draw on the traditions of the design disciplines, an emphasis on function and direct social and economic engagement–such as Eve Bailey, Todd Gilens, Laura Frazure, Andrea Landau, Virgil Marti, Will McHale, Jenny Sabin, Anne Schaefer, and Mika Tajima were included in the show.

Curation, Division of Fine Arts, Exhibition, Faculty, Mary Anne Friel, University of the Arts

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