Weapons of Mass Disruption with Mike Majoros

The Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences and Academic Affairs will present a screening of WEAPONS OF MASS DISRUPTION, a documentary directed by Mike Majoros (Critic, Film/Animation/Video)+ Bestor Cram on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 6:30pm in the Metcalf Auditorium in the Chace Center.  Majoros will be present to answer questions.

Zombies, botnets, worms, Trojan horses—tens of millions of computers around the globe have been compromised.  Sometimes it’s a case of hackers stealing a couple of pennies off a financial transaction.  Other times, it’s a nation state stealing terabytes of military secrets.   But in the summer of 2010, a handful of international security experts discovered the most threatening piece of weaponized code yet: STUXNET.

WEAPONS OF MASS DISRUPTION traces the origins of stuxnet, and projects into the near future a  landscape in which malicious code has the potential to take out the electric grid, shut off public water supplies, and eventually bring entire governments to a grinding halt.  Ironically, one of the foot soldiers in this new battle may be your own personal computer.

Bestor Cram, Division of Fine Arts, Mike Majoros, screening, stuxnet

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