Pottery Forum launches

The Ceramics Department will launch its Pottery Forum on November 2 at 5pm in Refectory Room C. The event is a pot-luck so bring something to share.

The speakers will be:

Molly Hatch |
Molly Hatch’s work is heavily inspired by historic trends in fabric, font, ceramics and furniture re-mixed with a contemporary scale, palette and sense of humor.
Alison Evans |
Alison Evans transforms the natural shapes of coastal life into dinnerware and tabletop accessories. Her work is hand molded and hand glazed, making each piece unique. Alison is a current MFA candidate.
Asya Palatova |
Influenced by her upbringing in St. Petersburg, Russia and her graphic design experience, Asya merges classical and modern to develop objects with a purity of form that compel people to touch and use them. Asya is a current MFA candidate.

Alison Evans, Asya Palatova, Division of Fine Arts, Lecture, Molly Hatch, Pottery Forum

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