New Book by Damian White: Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility

AK Press have just published Damian White (Assoc. Professor of Sociology, HPSS) and Chris Wilbert’s new book: Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility -The Colin Ward Reader . Colin Ward was a British communitarian anarchist, architect, environmentalist, mutualist and social philosopher. He left school at 16 to work as a draughtsman for the architect Sidney Caulfield and finished his career as Centennial Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. Between these points (and inspired by Peter Kropotkin and William Morris, Herbert Read and Martin Buber), Ward pioneered ‘bottom up’ urban environmental education in the UK and he championed vernacular, self build and participatory approaches to architecture, housing, design and urban planning. He wrote histories that recovered traditions of rural and urban working class self management and self organization around community gardening, housing, welfare and holiday camps and he championed the rights of children in the city. Ward authored or co-author over thirty books, including Taking to Architects, The Child in the CityThe AllotmentArt and the Built Environment and Arcadia for All. This book provides an overview of Ward’s life, an appraisal of his work and an edited selection of his key writings.

“An astonishing golden treasury of the works of Britain’s most original and brilliant twentieth-century writer on housing, architecture and planning.  It deserves to become standard reading in every architecture and planning school in the world.” Sir Peter Hall , Professor of Planning and Regeneration at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London.

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