Charge to the Strategic Planning Working Group

Charge to the Strategic Planning Working Group
October 2011

The Strategic Planning Working Group is convened to develop the final stages of RISD’s institutional strategic plan proposal.  The institutional plan must combine a dynamic vision that secures RISD’s continued leadership in art and design over the next five years while ensuring that current programs are adequately supported.

The Working Group is charged with:

• Developing and implementing a process to review and consider faculty and student feedback on the draft academic initiatives

• Developing and applying a criteria and methodology for prioritizing the draft academic initiatives

• Providing a rationale for the prioritization of initiatives

• Developing and implementing a communication plan that includes forums for regular communication with the community

• Working with EVP and SVP to integrate recommendations for support infrastructure initiatives

The members of the Strategic Planning Working Group are:

Interim Provost Rosanne Somerson, Chair
President John Maeda (or a designated representative if unable to attend)
Interim Associate Provost Patricia Phillips
Deans: Joanne Stryker and Barbara von Eckardt
Interim Deans: Brian Goldberg, Anais Missakian, Bill Newkirk
Steering Committee Representatives: Mairead Byrne, Ken Horii, Fritz Drury, Todd Moore (alt.)

The goal of the Working Group is to present a list of prioritized academic recommendations to the President by November 11 and to assist with integration for the overall institutional plan. Each item should state the rationale for its specific level of priority —relating to an existing measure or indicator or to how it advances an educational goal.

The SPWG is expected to communicate its regular progress and to coordinate with the Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Sr. Vice President of Students and Enrollment in the integration of academic initiatives and support infrastructure initiatives into a unified institutional strategic plan.

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