Ann Fessler's "THE GIRLS WHO WENT AWAY" lauded by Ms. Magazine

Ms. Magazine has named Ann Fessler’s (Professor, Photography)  “THE GIRLS WHO WENT AWAY” one of the top 100 non-fiction feminist books of all times.  The book tells the story of women who were forced to give up their babies for adoption from the 1950s through the early ’70s.  Oral histories by some women who lived through this traumatic experience are included in Fessler’s book. “Unmarried girls in the 1950’s and 60’s may have felt increasingly liberated to have intercourse (Helen Gurley Brown’s “Sex and the Single Girl” was published in 1962, identifying a revolution that was well on its way) but the babies they bore were still considered illegitimate, and pregnancy outside of marriage was still a disgrace.”

Click here to read the NYTimes’ 2006 review of the book.

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