RISCA grant deadline

Applications in the Project Grants category are accepted twice a year on the following dates (or on the following business day when these dates fall on a weekend or holiday):

  • April 1 (for activities taking place from July 1 to June 30)
  • October 1 (for activities taking place from January 1 to June 30)

These deadlines are not separated by discipline (as is the case with our Fellowship applications).  Project Grant Applications in all categories and disciplines are accepted on both deadlines.

In the Fellowship program, the following arts disciplines will be reviewed at the April 1 application deadline: Crafts, Film & Video, Folk Arts, Fiction, Poetry, Playwrighting/Screenwriting, Photography and Three-Dimensional Art . The arts disciplines for review at the October 1 application deadline are: Choreography, Drawing & Printmaking, Music Composition, New Genres and Painting.

Only one application per applicant will be accepted at each deadline.  All applicants must register first at http://www.arts.ri.gov/register, after which applications must be submitted online at http://www.arts.ri.gov/apply and all support materials must either be uploaded through the online system or sent to the RISCA offices by the deadline day.  (Note: RISCA no longer requires that applicants submit multiple hard copies of their application.  However, if you are sending support materials by mail, please include one print copy of your complete application with those materials.)  Faxed or emailed applications will NOT be accepted.  All applications must be submitted online and support materials received at the RISCA offices by NO LATER THAN 4:30PM on the deadline date.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered by the Council.

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