Maria Guest at Mills Gallery

An installation by María Guest (Critic, Architecture) is included in “Close Distance” a show at Mills Gallery in Boston featuring six emerging Boston-area Latino artists. “Their painting, assemblage, video, film, performance and installations borrow from art history, pop culture and imagery spanning the Americas. Employing distinct artistic vocabularies ranging from minimalist to surreal, they each comment on the fluid yet weighted exchanges that characterize our global culture.” Guest bridges public and private spheres with her outdoor video installation, transforming the two-dimensional support of an image into a structure with an active role. An architect and visual artist, Guest highlights how architecture frames our experience of place, using the Mills Gallery windows as a containing device. The screens reveal an animated topography of their own while bearing the image of moving cityscapes, using subtle mechanical devices to affect the images by producing a blur, a shift, a quiver,
in the surfaces themselves.  The videos examine the notion of an elusive edge, tracing a continuous and animated trajectory within a public space.  SÁBADO portrays the center of an empty carousel along its perimeter, while DOMINGO explores the circumference of a bustling plaza in Mexico from the inside-outward. Referencing the movement and mechanics of the installation, IN BETWEEN speaks to the fluid connections between experience, time and place, and provokes new readings between place and placelessness.  Set to the musical score of violinist and composer Rafael Rondeau, this video installation aims to reveal the possible intimacies present within a public realm.

Click here to see a preview of Guest’s “TRIPTYCH: SABADO/IN BETWEEN/DOMINGO”, a three-channel video on view in the exhibition. Guest received the support of RISD’s Professional Development Fund to realize this project.

Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Avenue, Boston
July 15 through August 28 2011

Boston Center for the Arts, Division of Architecture + Design, Exhibition, Grants and fellowships, Maria Guest, Mills Gallery, Professional Development Fund, Rafael Rondeau

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