AALL Press proposal deadline approaches

The editors of  AALL Press announce that they will be accepting proposals until July 14 at Midnight.

The press is looking for an unformed idea—a proposal for a project that needs to be built upon, shaped, directed, and refined; a proposal for a project that is still in its gestation phase.  Through a collaborative effort of editing content, generating ideas, and designing form, AALL Press, along with you, will give a clear, unique, full voice to your original proposal.  A recent grant will fund basic printing and production expenses.

If chosen, your publication will exist as:

1. A small print run of around 100 editions of either an A4-sized book (8.27×11.69 in.), an A3-sized poster (11.69×16.54 in.), or another printed form that best suits the project (we are flexible and experimental).

And, if fitting,

2. A small-scale website.

Click here to LEARN about the Call for Proposals
Click here to LEARN about AALL Press
SEE the Press website — www.aallpress.com —  it may help you compose the announcement
E-mail: info@aallpress.com

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