AALL Press call for submissions

AALL Press (pronounced ôl) is a small publishing studio at RISD.

The Press invites everyone and anyone who is interested in publishing an unrealized idea via a printed and/or online publication to submit ideas! We are currently accepting proposals for our next collaborative publication project to be initiated this summer and completed fall 2011.
The press is not a printing service. It is not looking for a project that is realized and ready to be printed.
It is a publishing studio that handles all aspects of the publishing process. Therefore, it is looking for an unformed idea—a proposal for a project that needs to be built upon, shaped, directed, and refined; a proposal for a project that is still in its gestation phase.  Through a collaborative effort of editing content, generating ideas, and designing form, AALL Press, along with you, will give a clear, unique, full voice to your original proposal.  A recent grant will fund basic printing and production expenses.
If chosen, your publication will exist as:
1. A small print run of around 100 editions of either an A4-sized book (8.27×11.69 in.), an A3-sized poster (11.69×16.54 in.), or another printed form that best suits the project (we are flexible and experimental).
And, if fitting,
2. A small-scale website.
Click here to LEARN about the Call for Proposals
Click here to LEARN about AALL Press
SEE the Press website — www.aallpress.com —  it may help you compose the announcement
E-mail: info@aallpress.com

AALL Press

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