Trent Burleson exhibit at the Newport Museum

The work of Trent Burleson (Professor, Illustration) will be showcased in “Trent Burleson: Birds and Other Metaphors” at the Newport Art Museum in Newport, Rhode Island May 21-August 17, 2011. The show will open on Saturday, May 21 and includes several paintings from the artist’s Madonna and Child series. The Museum will host a reception for its early summer exhibitions on Friday, June 10, 5 – 7 pm, 76 Bellevue Avenue. Burleson will talk about his work during a “Meet the Artist” luncheon event at the Museum, beginning at noon on Tuesday, July 26. At 1pm Trent will demonstrate chiaroscuro.

“In Burleson’s paintings, birds vie for a vulnerable morsel, dive with grace and focused intent, or threaten each other with displays of aggression. Their shapes, and the foliage that surrounds them, are softened, blurry even -as though viewed though a gossamer veil. His colors range from muted tones of ochre, brown and gray to more intense shades of yellow, red and green. But always the scenes are illuminated by an unnatural light: things are not quite what they seem.” from the Newport Museum’s press release

Division of Fine Arts, Exhibition, Faculty, Newport Museum

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