Message from the Provost on restructuring

Dear RISD Faculty,

As I notified Henry Ferreira, President of the RISD Faculty Association, today, I have decided not to implement the divisional restructuring at all, rather than extending the deadline.

I made this decision after listening to and consulting with many faculty and the deans.  This is in recognition of the need to not only slow down the pace of change but also to focus on the things that are the highest priorities.

My first priority is to improve communication among the faculty, myself and the administration in general.  This will allow me to best address the collective needs and aspirations of faculty and students.  Secondly, rather than hold firmly to divisional restructuring, I see that the greater priority is re-engaging with the strategic plan and the dialogues rooted within. It is my hope that together we can find a way to address the concerns in the current draft of the plan and thereby honor the work of the many people who shaped it.  Ultimately this will allow us to realize the potential of many of the ideas inherent in the plan by bringing them to fruition.

I welcome your thoughts, and have greatly appreciated your feedback. I look forward to next week’s faculty leadership group meeting and to working together as we move ahead.

Jessie Shefrin

Strategic Planning

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