Kimberly-Clark 2010 Achievements in Sustainability

Along with recently joining Practice Greenhealth, the Nations top organization for Healthcare institutions working sustainably and eco-friendly, Kimberly-Clark has created a campaign called “Save the Daisies”, as an incentive for customers who recycle the Kimberly-Clark KIMGUARD Sterilization Warp, and has now worked with The Rhode Island School of Design’s Industrial Design Despartment in creating a course titled “Kimberly-Clark Green Studio”, a RISD Partnered Studio taught by our very own Beth Mosher. Together students developed new ways and designs for the Kimberly-Clark KIMGUARD Sterilization Wrap. Their goal was to enhance the wrap without straying too far from the original design, therefore hopefully reducing hospital expenses and waste. This project has lead to further research moving in and around disaster relief tent/shelters, children’s toys and backpacks. This is an exciting new development for RISD.

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