Follow up and minutes of March 24 meeting with faculty leadership

As you know, President Maeda and I met with the faculty leadership Thursday, March 24, to begin a discussion about next steps regarding several issues including divisional restructuring and strategic planning.  I would like to thank the faculty members who were able to attend for being so generous with their time.  A summary of that discussion is posted on the Academic Affairs website for your information and is attached here. Thanks to Peggy Lewis for providing this summary.

Here are some highlights from the meeting:

– Restructuring: It is clear that I need to extend the time-frame for the restructuring of the divisions in Academic Affairs in order to gather more information and better articulate a clear rationale for such a change. My hope is to approach this in an open way working with faculty and deans and consider all possibilities.

– Interim deans in Fine Arts and A+D:  I have asked the deans of Fine Arts and Architecture + Design to talk with the department heads of each division, and submit recommendations for the position of Interim Dean to me by April 15.

– Strategic Plan: In order to advance the Strategic Plan with faculty input, we are looking into the possibility of extending the timeline so that remaining issues can be clarified, developed and or redefined and communicated in a more comprehensive and interactive way.

– In addition, the HR guidelines for administrative appointments including deans, interim deans and dean reappointments are available on the HR website HERE.

I’m glad to answer any questions so please feel free to write or call.

Jessie Shefrin

Click here to read the summary discussion


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